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Tire Products, Involved In Sino-US Trade War!
Release time:2018-04-10 16:00:59| Viewed:

    On April 3, U.S. time, the U.S. Trade Representative Office issued a list of products imported from China that are proposed to impose tariffs.

    Guangzhou Hesheng Company found that a variety of tire related products appeared on the list. These include new pneumatic tires for use on aircraft, rubber pneumatic tires for use on aircraft, and retreaded rubber pneumatic tires.

    In addition, some types of rubber tubes, rubber caps, rubber bands, and rubber seals also appear in the list. The list contains about 1300 independent tariff items, worth about $50 billion, involving aerospace, information and communications technology, robotics and machinery industries.


    The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative recommends that an additional 25% tariff be levied on the Chinese products on the list.

     It is understood that after the list of proposals is announced, there is still a 60-day public consultation period. When the time comes, the United States will publish the final list of sanctions against the China 301 investigation.

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