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BGO--Forklift Tire Experts
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  We are BGO, professional manufacturer of rubber tires and polyurethane material products. Mainly engage in rubber tires, newest polyurethane tires, PU wheel and all kinds of forklift spare parts.  The company's trading headquarters is located in Guangzhou and has regional agents in many countries.

  In 2016, through years of technical research and a great deal of work practice, we have finally developed a newest tire special for forklift-polyurethane solid tire, and obtained the national patent. Polyurethane tire with advantage of super wear-resistance, trace non-marking, environmental protection and other special performance quickly attracted the forklift industry highly appreciated.

  Since its establishment, we uphold the belief of ” integrity, professional and innovation”.We provide customers with high-quality products, professional technical support and 24-hour after-sales service,not only to help customers save the costs also quickly occupied the market.Now,our brand ”BGO” and “KOVO” have been famous in many country and hot sales in Alibaba/Ebay.

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