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Why choose polyurethane tire?
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Polyurethane a kind of polymer material with high strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance.It is widely used in furniture, electrical industry, construction industry and transportation industry. After a lot
of testing and improvement of our formula,the final test polyurethane is used on forklift tires.

BGO Polyurethane tire advantages: 
1. 5 times more wearable than ordinary rubber tires
2. Tire working life over 10000 hours
3. Cost-effective,save about 45-67.8%   f your cost
4. Explosion protection
5. Environmentally protection.Material recyclable
6. Dust  invisible,trace no-marking
7. Special rims.promise Never slip rin
8. Good vibration performa
9. Cutting and Tearing Resistanc.
10. Comfortable performance ,high tensile strength
11. Light weight, lower rolling resistance

BGO Product quality assurance instructions
First, normal use of the following conditions is a quality problem.
1. Degumming with rubber wheel.
2. Natural cracking and falling of tires.
3. Slide ring.
4. Deformation.
5. A puncture.
6. My factory self-locking rims break and damage the tires.

Second, the following conditions are due to vehicle damage to the tire, do not belong to the tire quality problems.
1. Deliberately making an emergency brake cause the prismatic shape of the front tire to change (not round).

2. Split rim cracks cause tire scraping.

3. The tire softens, melts, and deforms due to high temperature heat transfer due to brake drag brakes or rotating bearing damage (Figure 2)

4. Due to bearing damage, limited rotation causes sliding friction between the rim and the tire resulting in high temperature damage to the tire (Figure 1)

5. A tire with a length exceeding 2/3 of the thickness of the tire and a width exceeding 30 mm penetrates the tire and causes the tire to crack.

Third, we have the following suggestions:
1. Use appropriate measures to isolate the ripper when assembling the split rim (apply a layer of high temperature glue, engine sealant, etc. to the joint).

2. Use locknuts or use anaerobic adhesive to prevent loosening.

3. Vehicles should be selected as high-quality bearings and attention should be paid to the inspection and maintenance of brakes and bearings. As long as it is found that the rim heat can be identified bearing or brake problems, timely detection, timely maintenance, tire performance can be restored. 

Fourth, the advantages of self-locking rims and handling instructions:
1. Without special equipment, two wrenches can be loaded and unloaded for your convenience.

2. It can ensure that the tire never slips, protects the tire and protects the user's interests.

3. Apply a little anaerobic anti-loose on the screw when assembling.

4. The nut must be locked to the screw step limit to fully ensure the integrity of the tire and wheel rim. When using electric and pneumatic tools, use appropriate tools to avoid twisting the screw. In use, the total number of screw breaks is one-third of the total. The following can be used normally.

5. When disassembling, unscrew the nut and knock the end of the screw to push out the retaining ring, taking care not to damage the screw thread teeth.
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