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How to choose solid tire or pneumatic tire?
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A solid tire is a type of tire corresponding to a pneumatic tire (hollow tire). Its carcass is solid, and no cord is used as a skeleton, and it is not necessary to inflate it, so an inner tube or an inner liner is not required. The earliest tires were solid tires. Solid tires are currently only used for high-load vehicles or machinery that are traveling at low speeds, and are also used for fixed-position machines.

Pneumatic Tire: Robert Thompson proposes to use compressed air to fill the elastic bladder to ease the vibration and impact during exercise. Although the tires at the time were made of leather and rubberized canvas, such tires have shown the advantage of low rolling resistance. According to this principle, John Dunlop made rubber hollow tires in 1888, and Thomas then manufactured rubber hollow tires with valve switches.

Advantages and disadvantages of solid and pneumatic tires:
Forklift solid tire features, advantages: good wear resistance, service life is generally 3-4 of the pneumatic tires
Times, there will be no broken tires (unless tire quality problems). Disadvantages: Tire is harder to bump
Elephants are troublesome to install and have many processes. If they are not installed properly, they will lead to slippage between the tire and the rim.
And solid tires are hard and do not bring buffer to the forklift as a whole.
Use place:

Forklift pneumatic tire features, advantages: easy to install, forklift drivers affected by bumps less impact,
The price is also more affordable, more does not damage the ground, more mute, easy replacement and maintenance, lighter, more energy-saving, better shock absorption, better anti-skid performance, high control sensitivity and so on. Disadvantages: life is not as good as solid tires, if encountered hardware factory, spring
Companies involved in metal companies are prone to breaking tires.

Then the choice of forklift tire depends on what conditions? Here are the following suggestions for the different characteristics of pneumatic tires and solid tires and their impact on vehicle performance:
(1) Forklift use places
      If there is no special demand for the size of the work site, whether there is glass on the road surface, or the carrying capacity of the road surface, an inflatable tire is generally used.
(2) Maximum tire load capacity
      In general, solid tires are used when large load capacity is required, whereas pneumatic tires are used instead.
(3) Forklift speed
     In general, since the diameter of the pneumatic tire is relatively large, the speed of the vehicle to which it is applied is relatively fast, and the speed of the solid tire is relatively slow. Therefore, the pneumatic tire is generally selected at a relatively high speed. Of course, in the case of the engine power meter full vehicle transmission ratio is determined, the wheel diameter changes will affect the traction of the wheel.
(4) Requirements for ground clearance of forklifts
    The use of pneumatic tires helps to increase the ground clearance of the forklift and improve its passing performance. At the same time, due to the larger size of the pneumatic tire, it can increase the space for the installation of the brake. Therefore, pneumatic tires are suitable for applications where the brakes are inconvenient to install.
(5) Where mobility is high
     Solid tires can be used because the solid tires can reduce the forklift's front suspension and wheelbase, thereby reducing the overall size of the forklift, thereby improving the mobility of the vehicle.
(6) Forklift type and working environment requirements
     If a forklift is used in a place where the European automobile is used for foods and other sanitary conditions, it is necessary to choose a quick-fitting environmental-friendly non-imprinted solid tire.

Many customers want forklift solid tires when purchasing forklifts, which can be better applied to various conditions. Of course, the price of forklift solid tires is much more expensive than that of inflatable forklift  tires, which is about three times the price of ordinary inflatable tires. Take an ordinary 3 ton 3-meter diesel forklift and say that if you replace the original four inflatable tires with ordinary forklift solid tires, you may need about 3,000 more.
Inflatable tires also have certain flaws. For example, in places where the roads are relatively turbulent, such as places where there are many broken stones, iron scraps, and waste residues, hollow pneumatic tires are quite weak and have poor durability, and they are also very easy. A puncture occurred.

Therefore, it seems that there is no absolute advantage or disadvantage, but it needs to be based on the actual use of the purchase. If the ground is too bad, the wear resistance and resistance of ordinary inflatable tires cannot be achieved. Forklift Solid tires are a good choice. In addition, forklift pneumatic tires are the best choice.

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