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Forklift solid tire maintenance
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1. Prevention of abnormal wear
    Strengthen the maintenance of the tires, to achieve "four diligence" (ie, diligently check the air pressure, diligently check the tire temperature, diligently excavate gravel, dig holes) to inflate the tires according to the specified air pressure, and perform regular inspections under cold and certain loads. And adjust the tire pressure at least once a month. It is necessary to promptly remove the debris, such as metal sheets, glass, and gravel that are embedded in the tread pattern; timely check the condition such as nailing, cutting, bulging, and cracking of the tire, and if any, apply deeper damage to the hole.
2. Raise the maintenance quality of the chassis
    Inspect and correct wheel alignment in a timely manner to ensure that the toe and camber angles meet the design requirements; check the rims for cracks, deformations, and significant corrosion; if any, repair or replace them with high-quality rims to ensure that the rims match the tires; According to the regulations, add grease and adjust the clearance between the hub bearing, the tie rod ball joint and the kingpin bushing to the design value; maintain the balance of the tire; if it is not balanced, perform the dynamic balance test on the wheel;
3. Improve driving skills
    At the start, the clutch pedal should be lifted slowly to start steadily; the maximum speed during driving should not exceed the speed limit of the tire level; during the driving process, sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sharp steering should be avoided as much as possible. Attention should be paid to rough, sharp and sharp materials scattered on the road during driving. When obstacles such as stones and potholes are encountered, they should be decelerated or avoided.
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