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Development of polyurethane tires
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    With the rapid development of Forklift industry and expressway, the output of tires is getting bigger and bigger, and the technical level of tires is getting higher and higher. Since the 1990s, foreign large-scale tire companies have competed to develop high-performance tires that are energy-saving, non-polluting, high-speed, safe, and durable with excellent overall performance. The most typical tires are polyurethane tires. The most important feature of this kind of high-performance tire is that it has low rolling resistance, high wet skid resistance and high wear resistance, so it puts forward higher requirements for tire materials. Traditional bias tire and radial tire production processes and more equipment, large energy consumption, therefore, to find a new production process to replace the traditional process, simplify the production process, reduce equipment, reduce energy consumption, a long-term commitment to the tire industry to solve A major issue. Polyurethane (PU) elastomers have high elasticity, excellent wear resistance (2 to 10 times that of NR), and good oil resistance, ozone resistance, and low temperature performance. The use of cast PU elastomers to make tires is the most fundamental way to revolutionize the tire building process, allowing complex solid-phase processing to be simplified to liquid-phase processing, eliminating the need for bulky manufacturing equipment, greatly simplifying the processing and mixing of materials , Molding, curing to achieve integration. These characteristics of PU elastomer make it a hot spot in tire industry at home and abroad.
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