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Polyurethane tire VS No-making tire
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What are Polyurethane Tire?

Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of high quality material between rubber and plastic materials, which with excellent properties such as abrasion resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, radiation and good adhesion with other materials, high flexibility and vibration absorbing ability etc. is widely used in many fields of national economy, therefore, become one of the indispensable materials, industrial and agricultural production and people's life.

The superior characteristics of polyurethane tire please check in the: BGO Tire-Polyurethane features.

What are No-Marking Tires?

The material still rubber,but in formula,No-Marking tire adopt light-colored rubber formula and reduce the amount of carbon black while add amount of white(light) carbon black.
●Dust invisible
●Avoid the brake mark on the ground during driving
●reducing the maintenance cost of the site
●It is especially suitable for industries with strict environmental protection requirements such as diet, textiles, electronics, medicine, aviation, etc.
●Due to the reduction of the composition of the black rubber, the no-marking tire wear more quickly, about 20-30% faster than normal rubber tire.
●White tires do not have anti-static function, there are restrictions on the use of the site. When operating in flammable or explosive atmospheres, the equipment needs to be fitted with a grounding strap
●Higher cost
●Lower capability
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