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What is polyurethane tire?
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Polyurethane forklift solid tire profile-- The world's best industrial and engineering vehicle tires, to achieve the upgrading of tires. After five years, this product is made of polyurethane elastomer with excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance and other nano-materials, and obtained many national patents. Throughout the world, should be the best tires for industrial and construction vehicles, the tire industry to achieve polyurethane tire dream, to achieve a major tire industry innovation.
First, polyurethane tires - the most durable, cost-effective tire.
Abrasion resistance: Akron wear ≤ 0.0033m³ / 1.61 ㎞, more than five times more durable than the best existing solid rubber tires, the service life of more than 20,000 hours, but the price is quite.

Second, polyurethane tires - no cracking, no block, anti-puncture and cutting.
Tear strength: ≥ 95KN / M, elongation at break ≥600%, overload dozens of times will not rotten tires, bullet-proof, explosion-proof performance of the best tires.

Third, polyurethane tires - the best comfort of solid tires.
Good flexibility, good elasticity (rebound rate ≥ 40%), good damping, shock absorption performance is excellent.

Fourth, polyurethane tires - never slippery tires, the most convenient replacement tires.
Special rims, from the structure to ensure that never slippery, a wrench to replace all tires.

Fifth, polyurethane tires - the most reasonable structure of the tire.
In view of the existing tire size, according to the actual needs we have to be modified to minimize manufacturing costs, rebate users; According to the requirements of the use of tires, we designed a different tire hardness; In order to reduce endogenous heat and increase flexibility, we formulate Considered to reduce the coefficient of friction between the material molecules, thereby reducing endogenous heat, the body structure of the tire has been innovative, increased flexibility to achieve synchronization of heat and heat.

Sixth, polyurethane tires - the weatherability of the best tires.
Temperature -70 ℃ -100 ℃, short-term operating temperature up to 180 ℃ (30 minutes, the high temperature environment should be intermittent work); humidity is not required; 95% sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid basically no corrosion; concentration of 95% benzene, ketones Polar solvent and nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid environment can work for 60 minutes (should be intermittent work, its performance can be restored); resistant to all kinds of fat.

Seven, polyurethane tires - the most energy-efficient tires.
Low rolling resistance, quality is about 20% lighter than rubber tires.

Eight, polyurethane tires - the most environmentally friendly tires, the most beautiful solid tires.
Non-toxic and tasteless, brake no trace, high recycling of old tires; jade appearance, jade quality.

Nine, polyurethane tires - making the most convenient tire.
Solve the solid tire custom mold expensive, long period of the problem. I plant a variety of customized low-speed heavy-duty solid tires (polyurethane elastomer and porous polyurethane foam made of agricultural tires, construction machinery tires, truck tires, etc.); 50 that is free of mold fees, One to two months to delivery; single-child bearing up to 70 tons, the maximum diameter of 3500mm. Custom specifications of the battery car solid tires, the quality of imported products.
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