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Electric forklift truck tire how to choose?
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    Tires are an important part of electric forklift trucks, rolling tires can be achieved electric forklift operation. Forklift operation, the tire to withstand the vertical load of the vehicle; to bear the tangential force and lateral force of the road, so as to ensure the electric forklift traction, braking and steering. Forklift speed is low, load capacity, requiring high strength tires, carrying capacity, wear resistance, good elasticity, ice and rain pavement with good adhesion. So how to choose the wheels of electric forklift it?

    A good quality electric forklift tires, the key is the material and manufacturing process. Excellent electric forklift wheel core material is mainly cast iron or steel, the plastic is mainly composed of imported polyurethane material, the use of polyurethane cast wheels with good load performance, durability, etc., combined with imported production equipment and strict manufacturing Technology, to ensure that the tire does not finish the finished product, not broken, not idle, and can be applied to various businesses need a long time operating a variety of electric forklift. Users should choose according to the actual situation of the road, choose different materials such as wheels, such as polyurethane, nylon, rubber material, etc., in order to protect the safety of forklift operations.
     Electric fork wheel is widely used in various brands of electric forklift, such as:
     Europe and the United States series: LINDE, HYSTER, JUNGHEINRICH, BT, STILL, ATLET and so on.
     Korean series: DAEWOO, DOOSAN, HYUNDAI.
     Domestic series: HELI, HANGZHOU, TAILIFT, ATF, XILIN, VESHAI, NOBLIFT, NOEN, ZOWE and so on electric forklift.
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