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One of the reasons for the increase in the wear and tear of the forklift tire
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    One of the causes of forklift tire wear: under certain tire pressure, the tire overload causes the flexural deformation to increase, the stress of the cord and the cord increases, and the cord of the sidewall is easily broken, loose and the delamination of the cord, the carcass The force of the cord will exceed the design allowable stress and the grounding pressure of the tire, the heat generated will increase, the temperature of the carcass will increase, and the load bearing capacity will decrease.

    At the same time, wear is caused by the contact between the shoulder and the ground, especially in the case of obstacles, even a small stone will cause the crown to blast. Practice has proved that when driving on turning and uneven roads, when the tire load exceeds 20%, the mileage will be shortened by 35%; when it exceeds 50%, it will be shortened by 59%; when it exceeds 1%, it will be shortened by more than 80%.

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