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Tire purchase and type of tire
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Types of electric forklift tires: rubber tires, polyurethane tires

First, Rubber tire

1.Standard tire

2. Flange tire

3. Color tires

Second, Polyurethane tires

1. Standard tire

2. Screening tires

Solid tire

    - It can withstand a larger load than a pneumatic tire of the same outer diameter, and the body can be designed to be compact and compact. Driving on a road with poor road conditions, the ride is very uncomfortable, and it has an impact on all parts of the car body, which is not suitable. Better indoor work on the ground is more efficient.

Polyurethane tire

    - Polyurethane tires are tires that change the rubber part of a solid tire into a polyurethane, which is more resistant to wear and load than rubber-filled tires. The tires used in the cold storage, in consideration of the anti-slip performance, use a polyurethane tire with a drive wheel screen.
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