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2018 Canton Fair - Industrial Vehicles
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The first issue of the 124th Canton Fair will be unveiled in Guangzhou on October 15th. As the first trading platform for foreign import and export, the Canton Fair has always been a trade and information exchange platform valued by major OEMs. Be one of the most eye-catching trade fairs. At the same time, industrial vehicle exhibitors bring the latest products to meet customers at home and abroad, provide products and services that best meet customer needs, and strive for orders.

As a large-scale production country of forklifts, China has formed a group of R&D, production and sales systems with independent intellectual property rights and mature products. The products have reached the international advanced level and are highly competitive internationally. According to the official website of the Canton Fair, as in previous years, Chinese industrial vehicle companies are still attracting a large number of domestic mainstream forklift OEMs and supporting exhibitors in outdoor dense exhibition areas and indoor exhibition areas. The industrial vehicle industry participating in this autumn Canton Fair includes: Heli, Hangcha, Jianghuai, Ruyi, Nuoli, Tai Lifu, Ji Xinxiang, Hester Meikes, Easier, Zhongyan, Huahe, Niuli , Yingxuan, Dickon, Shangyu, Niuli, Hongli, Weimaicos, Maihui, Liaoning Houneng, Jieshida, etc., as well as Qinglin, Mudanjiang Bearing, Chaowei, Jinghaiyan and other forklift parts related enterprises .

The current Canton Fair will focus on upgrading the level of specialization, internationalization, marketization and informatization, insisting on supporting and strengthening and supporting enterprises to explore diversified markets. This year, more than 160,000 kinds of goods from around 25,000 companies across the country will be displayed to show the world the stage of reform and transformation and upgrading of China's foreign trade supply side. A large number of leading enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, independent brands and core technologies are carrying new products to participate in the exhibition. Intelligent, brand, high-end, customized and green low-carbon products have become a new trend. The total area of the exhibition is 1.185 million square meters and the total number of booths is 60,466.

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