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Polyurethane solid tires - successfully developed in 2016, we build it as a BGO brand.BGO is the abbreviation of the first letter of Chinese Pinyin "bó jù ōu",means we gathering manpower, material resources, financial resources in one, inspirational walk in the forefront of science and technology.


In order to get rid of the limitations of traditional rubber tires, for example:Highly maintenace costs ,shorter life and black tracing mark etc,for this sistutation we are determined to use the polyurethane material we know best to develop solid tires.


Natural rubber basically cannot achieve recycling, the increasing of rubber usage and the limitation of planting area and the difficulty of improving performance are a difficult contradiction to resolve. Polyurethane tyres have been developed in Europe and America since the 1960s, based on the polyurethane of elastomer. After the 1980s, Some domestic chemical research institutes and colleges have also actively carried out research on polyurethane tires, but because of the complexity of polyurethane materials, the research process is very difficult.


We have been committed to research and development production of polyurethane elastomer products long history, uphold the spirit of never give up, after six years efforts, we from the tire structure, mould, polyurethane material, process analysis research, finally realizes the Dream of forklift PU solid tire.


We hope that more people could know about polyurethane tires and let the polyurethane tyres save you the maintenance costs.


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