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Polyurethane is no stranger to us. Polyurethane is a kind of polymer material with high strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. It is widely used in furniture, electrical industry, construction industry and transportation industry. After a lot of testing and improvement of our formula, the final test polyurethane is used on forklift tires.

The polyurethane feayures as below:



◆Good wear and Abrasion Resistance

We experimented with polyurethane elastomers and other synthetic materials. The data showed that polyurethane had the best abrasion resistance performance.

Wear data of Polyurethane and other Synthetic materials

Material Abrasion loss/mg Material Abrasion loss/mg
Polyurethane Elastomers 0.01-3.5 natural rubber(天然橡胶)

Nylon 610(尼龙610)

16 Impact resistant PVC(耐冲击聚氟乙烯)

Nylon 11(尼龙11)

24 Styrene butadiene rubber(丁苯橡胶)
High-density polyethylene(高密度聚乙烯)
29 Plasticized polyvinyl chloride(增塑聚氯乙烯)
42 Butyl rubber(丁基橡胶)
Nitrile butadiene rubber(丁腈橡胶)
44 ABS

Nylon 66(尼龙66

49 Neoprene(Neoprene)

Low density polyethylene(低密度聚乙烯

70 Polystyrene(聚苯乙烯)

 High impact polystyrene(高冲击聚苯乙烯

122 Nylon 6(尼龙6)
Note: testing of CS17 wheel,100g/wheel,5000p/min,23℃

◆Large range of hardness

Polyurethane elastomer hardness is about Shore A0 to Shore A98, and the general rubber hardness range is generally in Shore A60 ~ A95. It is worth noting that polyurethane elastomers can have an elongation of 400% to 800% ,and for natural rubber, When it's elongation up to 550%, the maximum hardness is Shore A70. The tire durometer or hardness will directly related to the cushioning ability.Our tires can provide the most suitable hardness tire to customer according to the customer's forklift working environment and forklift application.

◆Highly Tensile strength

The tensile strength of polyurethane elastomer is 2-3 times more higher than natural rubber and synthetic rubber.Tear strength ≥95KN/M.


 Tensile Properties of Polyurethane Elastomers

Polyurethane variety
Tensile strength/mpa Rate of elongation Shore hardness A
410 95
Cyanaprene As(聚醚型CPUR)
50 730 85
400 75
40 610 85
30.7 462


The elongation of the polyurethane elastomer will decreases with the increasing of hardness.Customer should choose the suitable tire hardness according to the different use environment.

◆High load bearing

Polyurethane tires will carry twice the load on rubber tires. Due to the limited hardness of rubber tires, if the hardness is more than Shore 75A, the elasticity of rubber tire will be significantly reduced. Tires made of polyurethane will be much more resistant to splitting, tearing, or chunking out under load as rubber tires have a tendency to do. 

◆Floor No-Marking

Polyurethane tire reduces floor marking; Especially important for the light-coloured coating floor and  indoor dustfree workshop. Worn polyurethane were invisible to the eye.

Good vibration performance

Polyurethane is between energy-consuming materials and energy storage materials.The Vibration absorption performance as shown below.

◆Excellent low temperature performance

Temperature adaptation range: -70-100℃, inside 30 minutes working temperature can up to 180 ℃;Not required for the humidity;

◆Wet Floor Conditions

The forklift will inevitably work in a water environment, But do not worry, polyurethane tire and rubber have the same traction is this environment.

◆Resistance to mold performance

Mold growth of the optimum temperature for 26 to 32 ° C, relative humidity is over 85%.Our factory through a large number of experiments, and constantly improve the formula, and ultimately achieve the polyurethane elasticity of the mildew grade to 0-1 level.

◆Excellent oil resistance

Polyurethane elastomer is a strong polar polymer material. In fuel oil (such as kerosene, gasoline) and mechanical oils (such as hydraulic oil, oil, lubricating oil, etc.) are almost free of erosion, much better than general rubber. However, the high temperature will gradually destroy the polyurethane material under the heavy material of alcohol ester, ketone and aromatic hydrocarbons.
Polyurethane elastomers are immersed in an inorganic solution, which is similar to immersion in water without the action of a catalyst.
The degradation ratio in weak acid and weak base solution is faster than in water, and the acid base has a great effect on the etching of polyurethane.


Polyurethane material is the really meaning of environmentally friendly tires;

No-toxic and tasteless, landfill degradation for about 10 years.

Long service life

In the use of -20 ℃ -60 ℃ environment, the life of polyurethane elastomers up to 20-50 years.

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